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One of the principal fundamentals for the operation of N.E.W.G.A. (est.1916) is our participation with the Western Golf Association in supporting the Evans Scholarship fund which operates houses on several college campuses. This scholarship fund allows those young men and women who are employed as caddies of N.E.W.G.A. golf courses an opportunity to obtain an education they might otherwise not get. The young people who are awarded scholarships, earn them based on need, grade point average, and other criteria. Specifically, they must be in the top 25% of their class, show financial need, and must have participated as a caddy or related occupation for a minimum of two years. In addition, they must get a letter of recommendation from the Golf Professional for whom they have worked and the club president of their golf club. The Scholarship is granted on a yearly basis and is renewed each year for four years if the student maintains a 2.0 grade point average.

Since the first scholarship was granted in 1930, there have been 7507 scholarships granted with 6840 graduations. These people have become strong supporters and contributors to the Evans Scholarship program. N.E.W.G.A. presently has 48 students at various campuses. In 1998, 13 candidates from N.E.W.G.A. received scholarships. There were a total of 18 scholarships granted in the state and 232 throughout the country. These scholarships are worth approximately $20,000 for the four years, which covers housing and tuition, but does not cover books or meals. Students live in a chapter house on most campuses, and are required to help operate the house in some capacity. Of the 25 interfraternity houses that operate on the UW-Madison campus, the Evans Scholars rank second academically. The Evans house on the Madison campus is completely paid for, and is worth approximately $750, 000.

In 1999, N.E.W.G.A clubs contributed over $250, 000. West Bend Country Club contributed over $40,000(over $70,000 in 2000) through the Evans Day Program, to that amount. We hope that some of you who contribute to the Bag Tag program will give strong consideration to also contributing to the Par club. Your continued support is greatly appreciated, and I am sure you recognize the value of this program to your caddies, and to your club.

Evans Scholars Web Site: http://www.evansscholarsfoundation.com/